• Change folder view to display all folders instead of only those containing files that can be opened The previous behavior could cause very long wait times if e.g. the root folder of the system was being viewed The new solution is very fast in all cases
  • Viewing models in file view now also creates their thumbnails for folder view
  • Now showing a 'drop files here' message when Blaze3D is opened blank
  • Now showing a 'drop to open' message when hovering files above Blaze3D
  • Now showing an error message within the render window if a file could not be loaded / is only supported via Blaze3D Pro
  • The render window now has an icon
  • Blaze3D now stays open when trying to initially load an invalid file
  • Fix a bug where switching back and forth between a broken and valid file could result in the valid file not being displayed
  • Fix a bug in .stl loader in case the file does not end with a new line


blaze3d-2-6-0-pro.zip 2 MB
Nov 28, 2020
blaze3d-2-6-0-lite.zip 2 MB
Nov 28, 2020

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