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There's a free Lite edition of Blaze3D. See 'Download demo' at the end of this page.  

Please take a look at the product page on buckmartin.de for a detailed showcase. 

The blazingly fast 3D data viewer for Windows and Linux. Blaze3D might be the fastest 3D data viewer currently available. It supports both the visualization of triangle mesh and pointcloud data stored in many file formats.


As you'll notice in the videos below, Blaze3D is very fast and supports many workflows for viewing your files.

Running from console

You can view your model by calling:

blaze3d file.name

Or an entire folder via:

blaze3d folder

Drag&Drop support

You can  drop any supported model or folder on the already opened window

Stream loading

Get instant visual feedback even before loading is done

Folder traversal

You can traverse the currently opened folder with the arrow keys

Folder view 

You can view all models within a folder and use Blaze3D like any other file browser

Colored point shading

Point data is always shaded colorized. This makes it easy to understand even complex 3D models

Camera controls

Move, rotate and zoom are fully supported

Supported file formats

Blaze3D Lite and Blaze3D Pro

  • .stl both binary and ASCII
  • .xyz
  • .xyzc ignoring colors
  • .xyzn ignoring normals
  • .csv if formatted similar to .xyz*
  • .txt if formatted similar to .xyz*
  • .obj
  • .gcode

Blaze3D Pro exclusive

  • .ply both binary and ASCII ignoring colors etc.
  • .off
  • .psl
  • .ptx
  • .las only loading point coordinates
  • .pts
  • .glb basic support (v2.0, index meshes, no colors, no textures ...)
  • .gltf basic support (v2.0, index meshes, no colors, no textures ...)


Blaze3D is available as free Lite and paid Pro edition. The Pro edition supports additional file formats.

High efficiency

Blaze3D causes no CPU usage when idle and uses very little memory (if double_buffer_data is turned off). Saving power and allowing you to work on other tasks in parallel. Incremental rendering of point clouds is also supported. This makes it possible to render very large point clouds that do not fit into your GPU's memory.

No installer required

You can directly run Blaze3D without having to use an installer or make changes to your system.

Active development

Blaze3D is in active development and will further improve in the future. Feature requests and bug reports are very welcome.

Used models

The following models were used within the videos / images:


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Download demo

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