Version 0.14.0 released

- Rename of executables  This should make especially the usage of the `CLI` version more comfortable.

  proceduralTextEditCLI        -> pte
  proceduralTextEditGUI        -> pteGUI
  proceduralTextEditServer     -> pteServer
  proceduralTextEditCLIDemo    -> pteDemo
  proceduralTextEditGUIDemo    -> pteGUIDemo
  proceduralTextEditServerDemo -> pteServerDemo
- Rename Align...Centered functions to Align...Right
  This way there's the Left and Right versions, resulting in a clearer naming convention
- Removal of the search / autocomplete word from the GUI
  Basically redundant information which only wasted space
- Nicer styling for suggestions in GUI
- GUI version now won't leave a console window running (still some cases on Windows where this happens)

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